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Give Back Gala 2021

Latest Message: 4 months ago
  • Give Back Gala Chat : Welcome to the Event
  • Amy : Welcome everyone! My name is Amy and I work in the Advancement office here at Bethel. I will be one of your moderators for tonight. Let us know where you are coming from tonight and why you love Bethel!
  • Lissa Diaz : Hi everyone! Welcome and thank you for joining us tonight! I'm Lissa Diaz, director of marketing and communications and I'll be another of our moderators tonight. I'm a Bethel graduate and I love Bethel because of the people here!
  • Madelyn Martinec : Hi, everyone. Thanks so much to Bethel's Advancement team for having a virtual option! I'm Madelyn from Mishawaka and just received my MBA from Bethel in 2020 (thanks for doing a drive-thru AND in person commencement for us too). I love Bethel because of the supportive community.
  • Lissa Diaz : Hi Madelyn! Welcome! We're so glad you're here :).
  • Lissa Diaz : Hi Dr. Bellefeuille!
  • Amy : We will have a few questions for you all to answer for a chance to win a gift from Bethel! We will email the prize winners at the end of the night! The first questions is: Which donut do you believe is the best donut?
  • Lissa Diaz : It has to be cake! Nothing better.
  • Amy : My favorite is a strawberry sprinkled cake donut! 🙂
  • Lissa Diaz : Ohhh - that one sounds delicious too!
  • Aleyna Mitchell : Apple fritter!!
  • Amy : Yumm!!!
  • Aleyna Mitchell : Jk it’s a Cherry fritter, but they are hard to find!!
  • Lissa Diaz : That sounds so good, Aleyna!
  • Amy : We will have a few questions for you all to answer for a chance to win a gift from Bethel! We will email the prize winners at the end of the night! The second question is: What’s the story around your very first cup of coffee?
  • Amy : This isn't the very first story, but I was able to drink coffee from a coffee bean farm in Costa Rica in the mountains and it was phenomenal!
  • Lissa Diaz : The new Lehman Family Training Center is amazing! You can read more about it at
  • Lissa Diaz : You can learn more about Bethel's community impact by viewing our Community Impact Report at
  • Aleyna Mitchell : The story is, they had free coffee at church, and my dad was playing drums so my 10 year old self made a cup with like half a cup of sugar and cream
  • Amy : Thank you all for joining us on here for the giveaways! Enjoy the simulcast!
  • Randall : Bring it Tim
  • JaQuoge :
  • virtuallocal : virtual phone number to receive sms

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Giving Goal Progress

Follow along as we raise funds to invest in the future of Bethel University students by supporting their academic journeys.  Progress is updated every thirty seconds!



When is the 2021 Bethel Give Back Gala?

On Saturday, June 12th. The stream will open at 6:00 pm Eastern Time and the live portion of the Gala will begin at 6:45 pm Eastern Time.

How do I chat?

When you open the stream, in the bottom left corner of your screen there will be a blue tab labeled “Bethel Gala Chat”. Click it to open the chat. Click the menu tab to log in with Facebook or as a guest and you will be connected with your fellow virtual Gala attendees in a public chatroom.

How do I participate in the giveaways?

To participate in the giveaways, watch the chat. The comment moderators will periodically begin a giveaway by announcing they are starting a giveaway and put a form of trivia in the chat for commenters to answer. Answer first with the correct answer and you win!

Do I have to watch on a laptop?

You can watch on any device that can open the link. Additionally, you can also watch the Gala events on your smart TV. Here’s a tutorial on how to cast to your Smart TV for almost every type of situation: (

Additionally, if your laptop has an HDMI port on it, then you can just plugin and stream that way.

My internet connection is not the best. Will this be a frustrating experience for me?

This bank of support articles that may help you with internet issues:
You may also want to get your connections and devices prepped and ready for minimal frustrations.

Is there a program to follow along with?

You may find a program with the order of events here:

What if I encounter issues with the stream?

If you can get in the chat, ask the moderator. If that doesn’t work and you’re still having any trouble, email Amy Lein ( and we’ll do our best to assist.

Can I share this link with others?

Sure! They will still need to log in to confirm they are attendees.

I’m not sure what time zone I am in.

How do I donate?

Below the stream, there is a donate button. Click this button or the donate button at the top of the page and a drop-down form will appear for you to fill out.

If you have any additional questions about the stream, please email us at We hope you enjoy your virtual evening with the Bethel Give Back Gala!